Mohammad Sedighi


Mohammad is the Chief Technology Officer who manages the back end and operations of SpareNet. Mohammad has a strong technical background from university training, industry certifications, and previous work experience. Beyond his technical ability Mohammad has a keen eye for design and advertising, which complements his contributions to SpareNet. Prior to joining the SpareNet team Mohammad worked for several web hosting companies as support assistance and as a vulnerability assessment technician.


Babak Shirazi


Babak is the Chief Executive Officer and visionary who has built SpareNet from the ground up. Babak has a strong business oriented background with a passion for technology. Before launching SpareNet, Babak worked for a successful Fortune 100 company. Babak holds a bachelors in Economics and numerous Information Technology Certificates. In his spare time, Babak enjoys listening to music, watching soccer, and spending time on furthering his knowledge of technology.