Forget server rack restrictions and overheads.

With a Virtual Private Rack you’ll never need to pay for unused capacity or worry about finding extra space to scale out. Unlike a physical rack, the Virtual Private Rack offers elastic capacity and redundant network connectivity between your servers, via a choice of dual 1Gbps or dual 10Gbps LAN and WAN connections.


Elastic Capacity

Never pay for unused racks or run out of space, thanks to unlimited capacity and per-server pricing.


Redundant Connectivity

Choose between dual 1Gbps and dual 10Gbps LAN and WAN connections for each server in your virtual private rack.


High Throughput

Use the high-throughput, redundant connectivity for server clusters, private clouds and other solutions.

Dedicated Servers

The ultimate in performance, security and control.

Dedicated servers offer a higher level of control and performance than shared hosting, and more predictable costs than virtual servers. With a range of hardware, software and data center options, SpareNet’s dedicated solutions cater to every type of hosting, from websites to private clouds.

Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Our team of experts can help you launch, enhance or migrate your hosting according
to your needs. Our advice is straightforward and free, and we can’t wait to help.


Ask us for free, no-obligation
advice on sizing a server.


Talk to us about improving performance and efficiency.


Do it right, with expert
assistance finding a solution.

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Looking to improve website experience, capacity and security? Discover the options.

Need help optimizing your hardware and configurations? Our specialists can assist.

Business Applications
Tired of the expense and risk of hosting your own servers? There is another way.

Private Cloud
Cloud computing on a private infrastructure that you control. Now you can have it all.

VOIP, Streaming & Gaming
Need to eliminate lag and minimize latency?
Our network has exactly what it takes.

Web Hosting
Exclusive service, support and discounts.

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Current Offers!

For help choosing a dedicated server please contact us.

Starting fromUS$105.00/mo
  • Intel Core / Xeon
  • 2.4Ghz to 3.6Ghz
  • Up to 6 cores
  • Up to 64 Gb ram
  • Up to 2TB storage + SSD storage
  • 30TB traffic

Starting fromUS$170.00/mo
  • Intel Core / Xeon/ Gold/ Silver
  • 2.4Ghz to 3.8Ghz
  • Up to 32 cores
  • Up to 384 Gb ram
  • Up to 8TB storage + SSD storage
  • 30TB traffic

Starting fromUS$207.00/mo
  • Intel Core / Xeon
  • 3 Ghz
  • Up to 8 cores
  • Up to 64 Gb ram
  • Up to 144TB storage + SSD storage
  • 30TB traffic

Starting fromUS$285.00/mo
  • Intel Core / Xeon/ Gold/ Silver
  • 2.6Ghz to 3.8Ghz
  • Up to 32 cores
  • Up to 512 Gb ram
  • Up to 3.8TB SSD +NVME 2 storage
  • 30TB traffic

Move Faster

Deploy and resource Virtual Machines instantly or even automatically.
Reduce Costs

Consolidate more applications and websites on fewer dedicated servers.
Streamline Operations

Improve reliability and performance. Simplify backup, scaling and migration.

SpareNet Cloud

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Secure and available hosting. Simple and transparent pricing.

SpareNet Server Colocation in United Kingdom

Simple and transparent
SpareNet offers free cross connect and bandwidth usage updates. So it’s as simple to manage your budget as it is to manage your servers.
Secure and redundant
We operate our own data centers, giving us full control: 3 levels of power supply, biometric security, and maintenance four times annually.
Proactive and guaranteed
SpareNet guarantees 100% power uptime and network access. When we perform maintenance we make sure your servers are not affected.

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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients have to say.


They have given us a very solid platform for growth in the Magento website that they have developed. They are able to react very quickly to the changes that we need

Khan Ahmed
HR Manager

It’s transformed our business and we continue to increase the gap over our competitors

Jack Hilton

SpareNet have been our partner now for the last 10 years. In all honesty we haven’t been able to find a better digital partner. They've delivered, they are a talented team and they've grown in line with our expectations.

Allen Malcom
Head of Engineering